LTO 7 – High Capacity, High Speed Storage

hp-lto-7-image-14It is a significant relief to know that there are storage solutions which are capable of fulfilling all of your data storage needs. In this day and age, the quantity of data that’s created continues to grow at a rate that is high. The good thing is that with technological progress, quite huge amounts of information can be saved in a medium that is tiny. You therefore need not worry about how you will back up your data, as the LTO 7 has brought with it speed, capacity and efficiency that will leave you delighted.

LTO Defined

Linear tape is a tape technology which is used for storage of information. This tape technology is made with an open format, which makes it possible for media from different manufacturers to be compatible. LTO Ultrium refers to the execution of the LTO technology. The technology was created by three organizations, namely HP, IBM and Seagate. After it acquired Seagate quantum later joined. There are competent vendors who are authorized to license the LTO program. The sellers are subjected to third party confirmation tests, which are meant to check for conformity. Products which are compliant to the LTO Ultrium format are marked on the info cartridges and the tape drives with confirmation brands.

LTO Upgrade

LTO technology was developed with the objective of working to continuously advance it. In order to update the technology, the developers focused on the digital procedures used for compressing and encoding the information. They focused on the materials used to make the speed and the tape where the tape could pass through the drive. Additionally they considered the information bits on the cassette were and the tape’s length. With later generations, more considerations were added including partitioning, data encryption and write once – read many (WORM) capabilities.

lto-7-image-2LTO 7

Advancements in the LTO Ultrium technology have been from generation to generation. LTO 1 or the first generation was introduced in the year 2000. Currently, the technology is on LTO 7 or its seventh generation. LTO 7 tapes have a storage capacity of 6TB for information that’s not compressed and 15 TB for information which is compressed. The storage capacity of LTO 7 tapes has increased to more than double the capacity of LTO 6 cassettes. Whereas it was 16 for LTO 6 the channel count for the tape head for LTO 7 is 32. This means that the rate of data transfer has gone up, and writing or reading a tape that is full will take half the time that has been formerly used. 700 MB/s can be now reached by the rate of transfer of info for LTO 7.


LTO 7 drives may also read LTO 5 tapes and have a backward compatibility; in they can read and write to LTO 6 tapes. As they can be designed so that they will be read and written to by LTO 8 drives they also will have forward compatibility. It will not be impossible for LTO 9 drives to read the LTO 7 cassettes. The tapes have been made with Linear Tape File System Compatibility. The high capacity of LTO 7 cassettes means you’ll need less time, work and space to save larger amounts of information. For more details what is LTO technology, you can visit us online or contact one of us now.