HP LTO 7: Fallacies About LTO Storage Tapes

hp-lto-7-image-12The Linear Tape Technology is among the most famous types of data storage available in the industry. However, there are some major mistakes that drive individuals to alternative storage devices. External hard drives are the main challenges of the LTO data storage cassettes. Hard drives are advantageous since they’re not difficult to use, they have large storage capacities, and are lasting. LTO backup tapes, like the HP LTO 7 drive, also have similar benefits as the hard drives.

These are some of the important fallacies about the LTO storage tapes:

1. LTO Storage Tapes Are Slow

Most folks have a tendency to think that only hard drives can transfer data fast. The truth is that LTO tapes are very fast in data transfer. It is important to note these tapes have their data transfer rates in MB/s range. For instance, the HP LTO-generation 7 data storage tape presents a data rate transport range of 750MB/s.

2. They’re Insecure

That is another wrong advice people have. Some generations of LTO storage tapes have improved encryption capabilities plus some good security features. WORM (Write Once Read Many) ability is an example of a security feature of these storage devices. This skill prevents overwriting and accidental deletion of information.

3. Are Hard To Use

This really is quite accurate but only in the past generations of the LTO technology. Since generation 5 of these devices were introduced, the LTFS (Linear Tape File System) was introduced along with them. This system permits the consumer to utilize easy drag and drop commands and use the device like a standard USB or flash drive. This system facilitates the use of these devices.

4. They’ve Small Storage Capacities

This is also not true. These data storage devices come in an assortment of sizes in terms of storage capacities. Just like the hard drives, the LTO tapes are offered in terabyte range of storage capacities.

5. They’re Not Permanent

LTO storage cassettes are rough and long lasting. Because they are meant mostly for backup purposes they are fabricated this way. Most of these devices are come with a limited lifetime warranty included and available in the market. They also have an archival life of up to 30 years.

6. The Technology Doesn’t Exist Anymore

Then the new generations would not maintain the marketplace today, if this is the case. The 7th, 8th and even 9th generations can be found for purchase in the market now. The HP LTO-generation 7 storage tapes are an instance of the LTO technology generation that is recent. On releasing more generations in the coming years the companies fabricating these data storage devices are anticipating. The devices to be released afterwards will be exceptionally improved with regards to speed and storage capacities.

7. Few Businesses Make The Devices

This can be not a fact because these devices are around manufactured by many firms. The businesses include TDK, Maxell, HP, Quantum, Dell, IBM, Sony and Fuji. Most of these businesses are well known all over the world.

You should be able to clear them up from your head because they are all not right, if you had any of the preceding misconceptions about the LTO storage tapes. Achieving this will make you view the devices on a new and different outlook. HP LTO tapes are storage devices you can use and they are able to serve you well when it comes to data storage.

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